Short wig 35cm - White

Short synthetic wig 35cm, heat resistant.

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Length 35cm
Colour White
Size Short

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How to put on the wig:

1. If your hair is long, pull it back into a tight ponytail at the base of your neck. Then attach the ends of the ponytail to the back of your head with bobby pins, keeping your hair as flat as possible. If you have a fringe or short hair, secure the loose hair around your face and neck with bobby pins.

2. Put on a wig cap following the instructions on the packaging and make sure all your hair is well within the cap. Gently pull the cap backwards and downwards. This allows you to put all the hair in the cap.

3. Place bobby pins through the wig cap and into your hair under the wig cap. Be careful not to push the pins too far into your scalp!

4. Put the wig on your head. Start by placing it on the front of your head, at the hairline. The wig should be in place but not too tight. If necessary, you can adjust the size by adding Velcro tabs inside the wig.

How to wash the Wig:

Comb the wig gently to remove knots and place it upside down. Use a special shampoo to clean the wig, following the instructions carefully. Shampoo wig in cold water and soak the wig for five minutes. Once soaked, gently shake the wig for a few moments in the shampooed water, being careful not to rub the wig. Rinse the wig with clean water and spread it on a towel, which will absorb the excess water gently.


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Short wig 35cm - White

Short wig 35cm - White

Short synthetic wig 35cm, heat resistant.